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A wide variety of products featuring LKArts designs, produced and supplied through Zazzle.

New Name, New Website, More Value For You!

We’d like to introduce you to LKArts and say goodbye to Impact Design. 

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LKArts offers comprehensive graphic design services and so much more. Instantly download many of the unique visual images and much of the collection can be personalized to suit your specific project. LKArts offers all creative things – many imaginative options for you to take advantage of – for your business, hobbies and even a wide range of products.We invite you to sign-up for our email list, so we can stay in touch.


Because we have combined everything into one site, we are able to provide images for a wide variety of uses, needs, and interests. Many of the images and it ems available from LKArts and our fulfillment shops are adjustable for your creative projects, stock needs and personalized products. added digital dowWe’ve nloads directly from to make things easier than ever.

Professional Graphic Artists, Designers, and Freelancers will find:

• professional photo & graphic images to spark your imagination, including backgrounds and textures.
• an informational blog that includes posts on everything from the basics to advanced techniques, complimentary info-graphics, and business news. These are just a few of the topics to look for.

Crafters and Hobbyists can find:

• inexpensive photo & graphic images to fuel your creative projects
• stylized images, interesting backdrops and unique textures.
• A blog that includes informational demos for using LKArts images for your ideas, plus, interesting techniques and down-loadable products to enhance and embellish your personal projects.


Savvy Shoppers will find:

• unique selections of creative greeting cards
• inspirational & motivational posters
• fine photography suitable for home and office decor
• customize-able products for every part of your life!

We are excited to hear your feedback on the new site! Our goal is to cater to the needs of anyone who visits, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know. This will help us respond to your needs and make adjustments to better serve everyone who visits us! We look forward to your suggestions and appreciate your comments.

We invite you to visit and explore our site often – look for LKArts freebie offers, a growing variety of digital downloads and amazing designs and products.

Lynne Kay

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