Color Impact & Emotions

Color Meanings:
Color psychology affects our lives in so many ways, yet we often don’t realize the impact of the color choices on our daily lives from stationery and packaging, on a website, in a retail store or office, in marketing and even clothing. Understanding color meanings is essential when you are choosing for a project, especially in business.

The Power of Color:
Every color and every shade creates associations and has a personality. Color has always had a huge impact on how people react to a product. Color has a powerful subconscious effect on every part of our lives, without even saying a word; an understanding of color meanings gives us an invaluable tool to get the best response to our efforts and ultimately to create a winning result.

Color info-graphic

Color Impact and Emotions

In applying the information about color meanings to enhance your project, don’t use any color entirely on its own; it is best to use a complementary color with your main choice as over-use of any one color can negate its effect and in fact have the opposite effect.

Identify The Character of the project.
By identifying the characteristics of the project, you can find the color that expresses what you’re after. In Business, remember that all the designs for your brand will be affected by the logo color. It will dictate the backgrounds, elements and even business cards. Be aware of just how the importance of the logo color is as your customer’s first impression of your brand.

There is almost always more than one option of color combinations to assist your design, so you don’t have to choose any color that does not resonate. Or you may use a disliked color in a very small amount to get the right response. The Color Info- graphic is a free PDF for reference. One other items to take in to consideration when choosing color(s). from the screen to print to even your eyes, color is subjective and it will vary from screen to screen and from printer to printer.

Note-worthy extras:
• Black is the easiest to read.
• Blue is the most popular company logo color. 42% of people say that blue is their favorite color and most people like at least one shade of blue.
• Brown is a strong, reassuring color that is comforting and reliable. Emotions: rustic, depth, earthy, stability, warm, comfort, utility, poverty, rough, & simple.
• Gold is associated with value, luxury and prestige. It reflects wisdom, beauty and generosity.
• Grey is a very popular color for corporate logos, but it is also the least popular color and many people find it dull and somber.
• Indigo is a powerful and strong color which conveys integrity and sincerity. It is associated with structure and rituals.
• Magenta is a practical yet spiritual color. Compassionate and kind, it encourages a balanced outlook based on common sense.
• Pink is white plus red and inspires compassion and nurturing. It is a non-threatening color used most often in
feminine businesses, but isn’t necessarily the best way of connecting with a female audience. Most women say that blue is their favorite color, with purple a close second. Emotions: feminine, fun, delicate, gentle, & romantic.
• Silver is a modern sophisticated color, calming yet uplifting, with a degree of mystery about it.
• Turquoise balances and recharges the emotions and inspires good communication skills and self-expression.
• Yellow is a very strong color, but it isn’t easy to see against white.


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