Graphic work

Is a graphic artist vital to your project? Absolutely. You work hard to make sure your product and services are of the highest quality possible. We strive to capture your target audiences attention and establish your product as its own brand. From first glance to final, lasting impression, your product deserves to reflect all the care that went into it. 

Print Materials Corporate Identity Marketing Materials  Web Design  Photography

As a professional graphic designer, my aim is to represent the essence of a business while tailoring the message to a target audience. My philosophy can be defined in three words – Inform, Innovate and Inspire! Working for consistency from print product through digital and social media.

The Process

Creative Consultation: First, I learn about your company, it’s history, goals, your competitors and the project in detail. During the consultation, we discuss what I can provide, depending on the project, plus time-frames and cost estimates. Some projects take a lot more adjustments than others so this is also discussed during the consultation.
Research: Depending on the project, I research online, retail, view books/magazines and may purchase samples. I look at the competition in your area and consider the image and style of your company, current trends, and goals.
Design: I  provide design options, depending on our agreement and the project.
Feedback & Revisions: Your comments, ideas, thoughts, feeling and changes. Please! Always proof-read carefully and thoroughly – even backwards, and if possible have a second & third set of eyes look at it for errors.
Printing or Delivery of Files: I supply files directly to you or to a printer of your choosing, local or internet based.
Final Payment: Payment is due upon delivery of files to you or your printer, unless previous arrangements are made.
Customer Service: I will work hard to make your project be the best it can be. I will communicate with you and respond to questions in a reasonable manner and time-frame.