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Design Projects: More than a Greeting Card

By Marilyn Sprague

As an Adult Learning Specialist and Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I continuously seek ways to reinforce learning outcomes for my workshop participants. Each custom-designed workshop, steeped in adult learning best practices, focuses on spiritual principles that inspire brilliant breakthroughs for leading a more success-filled and fulfilling life. The ultimate goal of every workshop is for each participant to experience long-term positive change by demonstrating Truth Principles, i.e., releasing attitudes of lack and limitation and experiencing (demonstrating) prosperity and abundance.

In a recent workshop focused on the Spiritual Principle of Abundance and Infinite Possibility, the work of Lynne Poole provided the perfect resource for reinforcing learning objectives. I was inspired by her original photography on one of her greeting cards. The visual imagery illustrated perfectly the spiritual principles taught in the workshop. I saw this greeting card as “more than a greeting card.” I saw it as an altar card and vision board, which my workshop participants could use to reinforce their personal takeaway’s from the 28-day prosperous living plan they were concluding on the final day of the workshop. (see “About Your Customized Altar Card…)

In the closing ceremony, the “Give Thanks” cards were displayed on a central altar and each participant came forward, declared aloud the new good they were envisioning and accepted one of the cards. Several participants have reported the benefit of having a personalized vision board to serve as a daily reminder of their expanded prosperity vision.

There are many ways Lynne’s customized greeting card is “more than a greeting card;” it is an ally of adult learning best practices as it helps to reinforce:

  • Principle of Active Learning—the “more than a greeting card” provided each participant with a “sacred” space in which to create a vision board for their new prosperity vision.
  • Principle of Relevance—expanding prosperity vision was the goal; the “more than a greeting card” provided each participant with a daily visual reminder of their new prosperity vision to help them maintain focus.
  • Principle of Emotional Connection—the ability to hold a strong mental equivalent of expanded good helps participants to “feel” this heightened level of prosperity. The “more than a greeting card” helps to anchor the vision and strengthen emotional acceptance of more and more good because Thought + Feeling = Demonstration!

Thank you, Lynne, for the original photography which illustrates spiritual principles and the “more than a greeting card” to provide participants with the perfect learning reinforcement.

A Sample of Customization

The greeting card was originally a thank-you note, and Marilyn requested a couple of minor changes to make the card work for her workshop. This is an great example of how LKArts can work with you to make the designs work for your project. 

The design is available on Zazzle .