Many examples of my photography can be found throughout this website. These samples include recent projects and some favorite pictures that have no post processing. After the examples of composites and manipulation there are the pictures of the natural landscapes and critters I see and photo on my walks.

As with most graphic design work, there were many factors that need consideration for each project or design, so the first section includes samples of those pictures adjusted in some way for clients and LKArts promotions.

Photography supports my design work, fine art projects and is a creative outlet. Since 2000, I have been self-employed and accepted a large variety of design clients and projects, as well as offering support for other designers and artists.

Photo Composition and Manipulation

add color
background extension
add text
photo composite
composite graphic and photo
background photo

Photography Samples

original photo
Original photography
original photo
landscape photo
Squirrel Picture
Wild Turkey
Rabbit picture
Birdhouse photography
Robin with Fledging

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