Graphic Design Principles and Elements

Graphic Design Principles and Elements Explained

Graphic Design differs from art in that it has a purpose or a message. In all graphic design combining design elements and using the right principles to create a visual representation of an idea can and will attract the right audience. The principles and elements of design together represent a set of guidelines that graphic designers use to create aesthetically pleasing visuals. The principles of design – Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Emphasis, Movement, Unity create an effective and attractive composition by using the elements of design – Line, Color, Shape, Space, Symmetry, Scale, Texture and Direction – to create a visual

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Working with a Graphic Designer

Your business is growing and you are starting to make those choices that free up your time to focus on the parts of your business that you love, you know, the things that made you start the business in the first place. Graphic Designers can help you raise awareness of your brand and your business. Whether for a single item, a number of graphic projects or a long term contract, these tips can help you to get the most from working with a professional and contribute to a successful outcome, plus make the whole process a lot smoother. Connect and

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The Power of Your Color Choices

Color has a powerful impact on our lives, from the clothes we wear, to the paint we use on our walls, to the artwork we hang on those walls, color affects how we react to what we see. As a graphic designer most of what is provided in this post is from the perspective of that background. Other creative people – like visual artists and crafters can also gain insights into how the colors they choose can effect their audience, if not how they approach the work itself. By Definition: Color: noun. the quality of an object or substance with

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