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Social Media Quote Deck


10 photographs with stylized inspirational or motivational attributed quotes, and those same 10 photos without text for many options all sized for social media. Add you own touch and your brand to make them yours. Digital download makes them available right away!


Quote Deck offers 10 attributed quotes added to 10 original photos, that are inspirational and/or motivational.  Plus, those same 10 photographs without any text or branding. This set gives you many options to post in a hurry or unique backgrounds for a social media series.
Add your own touch or favorite quote and your brand to make them yours. And you can download them right away!
The .jpg files are set up for Instagram at 900x sq., 72ppi, but can be used successfully on various social media platforms.
• 10 jpg photos with stylized quotes
• 10 jpg photographic images.
• 72dpi 900px square
• Instant digital download

Most images are available individually, contact us for more information.


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