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Get More From Your Design Assets

Tips and Techniques

When you want consistency for your social media but need to vary your content to keep it fresh, these tips will work with many images – photos and graphics.

Whether from free sites, paid stock or your own creativity there are so many ways to make the images and assets work harder for you and your business.

This is also a good reference for ideas and techniques for crafters, scrap-bookers, visual journals, and mood boards. 

Reduce and Crop

Cropping large images

Use a small section of a high resolution photo. Often, you can get several different looks from one picture. Varying the amount of reduction can yield even more options.



Fade the whole picture, also called ghosting, lighting, or transparency.

Transparency overlays

Add a transparent overlay. Can be any shape – square, rectangle, circle, oval – even a star, sun or a burst… but don’t over do it! A little goes along way.

Transparent layers

Borders and Colors

solid and fancy borders

Border it. Both inset and around a transparent shape.

Colors. Another element that can be either a branding color or to add a pop and draw attention. 

Text and Fonts

Font choices

A consistent font choice can help with consistency, but use one that is easy to read and goes with your branding.  Sample Fonts: A: Felix Tiling, B: Gigi, C: Harrington,  D: Edwardian Script. 

Additional Elements

Don’t forget the effects – drop shadow, bevel & emboss, and a long list of other options. Depending on the application you are using there are different effects available. Explore your options, so you know what you have, but use sparingly, be consistent and follow your branding.

For good design, remember the rule of thirds.

Always add your logo or an element relating to your brand for the recognition factor.

A group of floral framed photos
Floral fantasy greeting card

The images in the Floral fantasy collection can be used in many other ways, including wall décor, greeting cards and lifestyle products… The Floral Fantasy Collection is now available in our shop. Click here!

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